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# 192  Blue and Gold Mokume Game Earrings

# 192 Blue and Gold Mokume Game Earrings

The Joy of Polymer Clay by J Paw Studio

  • $ 999

As I mentioned with the oval earrings, I just love what happened when I did the Mokume Game technique with the colors that I chose.  In this case in the triangle earrings, more of the gold is showing.

 As I suppose you will notice, they aren't exactly the same.  It would be impossible using this technique to make a pair of anything that was perfectly matched.  I like it that way myself, how about you?

These pretty little earrings measure 1 1/2 by 3/4.  That is just the size of the triangles themselves.  You will have to add to the length standard sized earring wires.  I use surgical steel for your comfort when I make earrings.  Don't forget to search this collection for other pieces of Mokume Game with the same basic pattern,  You could have a set!

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