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# 187 Round Mokume Game Earrings

# 187 Round Mokume Game Earrings

The Joy of Polymer Clay by J Paw Studio

  • $ 999

These are a special favorite of mine.  In the process of making these earrings, I had enough material to make other pieces as well.  Be sure to check from time to time to see the other articles in this collection.

 This particular pair of earrings have a  round shape and has a deep blue, bronze and white,  Of course, there is glitter involved and lots of sanding and polishing to get these earrings as pretty as they are.  The earring itself is 1-inch rounds then the additional length from the surgical steel earring wires.

 Again, I have other earrings and pendants that match closely to this pair, so be on the lookout.

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