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#141 Pink Trinket  Box

#141 Pink Trinket Box

The Joy of Polymer Clay by J Paw Studio

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Yes the color on my screen makes it look more fushia or leaning towards purple rather than pink, but that is what the clay's color said it was.  Maybe in the process of making a cane, the color darkened.  Anyway, it's awfully pretty.  Especially if you are a pink person, you would most likely like this piece a lot. 

Like all of these mint boxes. it measures 2 1/4 by 4 inches.  It does have some glitter and there is one of those beautiful crystals in the knob on the front of the box,  And since this box doesn't have all of the fancy flowers and such on it, you can happily use it for something to hold stuff and keep it in your purse or pocket and not worry about damaging anything. 

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