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#128 A Walk in the Wild Flowers Vase

From J Paw Studio

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This is the only item that I think I have named.  There are many types of flowers on this piece, though most are fantasy flowers.  I took a method taught by one of the other polymer clay artists and bumped it up a bit.  Here you will see the usual flat caned flowers covering the surface of the vase.  I then cut out the same flowers, enlarged them and sculpted them and added them to the vase.

I then added "grass" and "dirt" along with stones and bugs.  I made a video of the finish results so you can see all of the sides of the vase.   Since I had first covered the vase with translucent clay, a tea light or candle will shine through it giving you an entire new look.  This piece measures 8 inches tall and is flared at the top and bottom. 

This is a fun and colorful piece that I made before my glitter craze.  There is some glitter in it, but not like so many of my other pieces.  Color and form are what's this piece is all about.  Bear in mind also that there hasn't been a drop of paint of any kind on this piece.  All of the color you see is from the clay itself.  A truly remarkable piece of home decor decorative art for you to add to your home.



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