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#127 Cherry Blossom Vase

From J Paw Studio

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To be completely honest, I am having a hard time giving this piece up.  It came out so amazing.  It looks so much better than I imagined it would that I am really tempted to keep it for myself!  The background on the piece is a technique called Mokume Game.  It is a Japanese method of folding metal to resemble wood.  Polymer clay artist have found a way to replicate these technique using the clay. 

In this instance, not only was my always use of glitter used, but gold foil making the background so good looking that I almost left it that way.  After looking at the vase for a few days, I couldn't  stand it and had to embellish! The vase stands at 8 inches and is flared at the top.

I hit Youtube and the various polymer clay books to see what might inspire me.  This was the first time I tried making cherry blossoms so I had to work out the technical problems such as those stamens.  After several tries I finally came up with using fine wire and tiny dots of yellow cane.  It worked!  But on the same note, it is very delicate.  I then used a special glue to tighten the grip the stamens had on the flowers and then after curing the piece, I lost count of how many coats of the finish I used on it for extra support.

This really turned out to be a labor of love.  It took several days of research and then sculpting the final piece.  I even looked up Chinese characters to place a real message on the vase.  It says peace, tranquility and harmony.  These were the feelings I had when I gaze at the vase.  A real beauty.  I also made a short video of the vase showing all of the sides.  Be sure to check it out.

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