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#125 Decorative Plate -Vines and Flowers

From J Paw Studio

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A decorative plate can be used for many different purposes.  Although this plate has flowers and vines, you could put wrapped candy or something like that in it.  However, due to the details on the plate, I would recommend that you use it strictly has a decorative item. Set it in a plate easel or get a clip for the plate and han it on the wall.

This plate measures approx. 6 inches round.  The background  of the plate has been finished with an assortment of canes that I have made giving the look of a quilt.  The plate is 100% polymer clay with a bit of mica powder to enhance the overall design,

Polymer clay is non toxic, but not meant for handling food. So if you decide to make this or one of the other pieces into a candy dish, just make sure you only put wrapped candy or food stuffs in a polymer clay item.  . 

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