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About Us


Hello, everyone.  This is JoAnne Mattingly.  Also known as J Paw Studio.  I have been crafting for the better part of my life starting in my teens.  At 16 I made a jewelry set for a friend of my mother's that included the necklace, earrings, bracelet and a matching headpiece that was used for the person's wedding.  Her vintage dress was a knockout, but the rave reviews were for the jewelry that matched her dress to a tee. So began my true interest in crafts in general.  Thanks to my family, they always were getting my next "that's neat", I was able to explore the world of crafts in many of its aspects.  I learned how to do decorative painting, faux stained glass, carving wood and eggs, needlework and so much more.  As time went on, I discovered polymer clay and a love affair began.  I can happily sit all day and explore many of the tech[ques that are possible with polymer clay.  Simply making a slight change to something you have been doing can give you an entirely different result.
I worked full time as an owner of a dog grooming shop, hence the name. Paw, so that didn't leave me much time to craft.  I did so in my spare time and only sold my pieces to my dog grooming customers in a separate display area. (That kept most of the hair off the art)  

I was told that I had Lupus but continued working at the job that I loved for many years.  Finally, older age, Lupus and working too hard caught up with me and I had to admit that I simply couldn't do that many dogs anymore.  Soooooo.....  Now I had time for my other love!  Working with polymer clay. 

Needing to add to my income, badly I might add, I decided to set up this site so everyone could see and share my work.  I am also going to be making videos on how I make the pieces sometime fairly soon.  I still have to figure out the camera.  lol.  Be sure to check in from time to time to see what changes and additions are being made here.  As I guess you may have noticed by now, I don't just sit around being all disabled.  I have always said, "I have an A personality with an F-body".

Be sure to check me out on Pinterest and Facebook to see everything I am doing.  You will see that not only am I crafting, but I am playing around with painting and making logos for people.  I also have a dog grooming site.   

Thanks for listening to me go on about my life.  I hope that this site will be helpful finding that special one of a kind piece you are looking for.  If it is jewelry or home decor, you will find it here.  If not, just ask and I will see if I can make it!   I recently made a set of coasters by enlarging some of the flowers I make due to a request for them.  I liked it so much that I made another set for you to see.  Just check it out along with everything else.  Thanks and talk to you soon.  JoAnne

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