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Now You Made That Cane, Now What?

Posted by JoAnne Mattingly on

Producing a beautiful cane is a wonderful thing.

 However, you may be confused as to what to do with it afterward.  Here a just a few suggestions.

One idea is to do what Donna Kato showed me years ago and slice up a portion of the cane and 'back' it up to the original cane thus producing a sort of wallpaper effect.ane.

Of course, you can make a beautiful piece of jewelry out of the cane.


You could make jewelry out of the transformed cane as well.

And since you are a good crafter, you will have all of the scraps to make Natasha Beads.

Or how about doing a "Pandora special" and using the cane to do little simple sculpting?

As you can see, you a not limited as to what you can use a cane for.  In this case, the cane I made, has translucent clay around it making it perfect for making a stunning candle holder.  So many ideas, so little time!  Have fun.

Don't forget to make matching beads!

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